Sunday, November 26, 2017

Geek Week is HERE!

Hey everyone!! Geek Week is here!! I am hosting a special pop-up shop on my Facebook page with some EXCLUSIVE prints! I have very limited quantities of each print so every day this week I'll be promoting one of the prints for sale! When I say limited, I mean limited, only one or two prints of each for sale, so if you are interested, jump over to my Facebook page to follow along!

Each work is a reproduction of one of my original paintings printed on beautifully thick Epson Hot Press paper, so they look just like original watercolour pieces! They are all 8 x 10", ready to be framed. These prints will be $25 each!

There is also a quote hand-lettered by me in very special rose gold foil! Oh my! These are $20 each! These super cool looking prints are on 100lb cardstock and lovingly hand-foiled by me!

I'm really excited to get this tiny pop-up shop off the ground, so please join me for Geek Week! Get on over to my Facebook page to see the pop-up shop!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Society6 Shop Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Hi everyone! I'm just popping into the blog to let you know that Society6 is have a huge sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 25% off EVERYTHING and with free shipping on selected items! Wow! There are some really fun products that you can check out in my shop so take advantage of the crazy deals and hook yourself up for Christmas! The sale is on starting today until Tuesday, November 27th!

Also you may have noticed some sneak peeks on my Instagram! I'm planning something special coming soon, so follow me on Instagram and on my Facebook page to see what's happening!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Violet Rose

Hello again! A short break to get my Christmas cards on track and here we are again at the blog! You can probably tell there are some behind the scenes things going on. My profile photo is in dire need of updating so please bear with me while I get to work getting some things done! But check out this painting! This lovely rose was done for a very special lady in my life - my gramma. Recently my gramma had some renovations done to her house and she asked me if I would paint something for her to decorate her new space. Her only suggestion "something pink". Well, I leaned a little heavily on the pink-violet but I am really happy with the way this turned out for her.

I did some pretty heavy sketching and tone studies for this painting. I don't usually spend as much time on tone studies but it really helped me get more realistic looking shadows in some of the petals. Tone studies really help to work out where lights and darks should be before painting so you are making learned choices as opposed to guessing and relying on "happy accidents" to make colour shifts. Sometimes accidents can be fun! Mostly they require "fixing".

My gramma told me that this painting looks like it's always been on her wall, it fits in so well. So good to hear! I've decided to offer this painting as a print in my Society6 shop if anyone is interested in having a version for themselves! I love Society6 because their print quality is so fantastic (very important for me to have my work look like it's being produced on watercolour paper!). They also have a bunch of fun other products for sale. I am particular to the notebooks and the tiny pouches, so I might have to get a few to see what they are like in person! Skip on over and take a look! I'll be adding some more of my work to the shop in the near future as well!

As always, thanks for reading!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mini Baby Announcement: Pumpkin Edition

My youngest sister and her husband are pregnant! *cue confetti!* They were married just over a year ago and now their little family is growing! Over Thanksgiving my sister asked if we could take a few photos to use as a baby announcement for them. Because pumpkins are too cute, we grabbed a couple from mom's house and used them as autumn-inspired props.

We also took the opportunity to get a few family shots with their two dogs. They were pretty excited to be outside with us, so we weren't able to get too many of them sitting nicely. My sister Shan was on treat duty to keep them in line.

Something that I love very much about taking photos of my family and friends is getting to document all the special times in their lives. I took photos for my sister and brother-in-law's engagement and their wedding. Soon I'll take photos of their new little baby! I've also taken photos of my brother's family as they were growing and my adorable niece and nephew. Seeing the photos that I've taken up in their homes is so, so awesome and special for me. I love to break out my camera and learn new things, so being asked to take photos is great! We are also pretty good about getting family shots at holiday events, like Thanksgiving and Easter with all of us together. I have three siblings, plus in-laws, plus babies, so our team has grown quite large!

Fun fact: my brother actually grew these pumpkins in mom's backyard. The tiny one is just so adorable!

Thanks for letting me share! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Thank You Cards

I just wanted to pop in and share one last thing from our wedding in the summer. I sent out our Thank You cards earlier this month so I feel like I can post them up on the blog to complete all the artwork I did for our day.

These feathers also appeared on our RSVP cards and some of the other day-of artwork that was around for the wedding. I had my printer make these slightly larger than 4x6" so that I could insert photos into the cards and the edges wouldn't peak out.

On the back I used the feather-theme again like a logo with our names and the date hand-lettered. I also brush-lettered all the envelopes in a similar style. Instead of sharing one of my family member's home addresses, I lettered a few "fake" addresses to photograph. This one for Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote is my favorite!

That's the last of the wedding posts that I will do! Now I'm focusing on finishing up some commissioned pieces and moving into Christmas card territory. We are having a beautiful fall so it's hard to focus on winter and snow. Personally, winter can take as long as it likes to wander this way, I'm good with the warmth!

Thanks for reading!