Saturday, May 16, 2015

Through the Garden

More watercolor calligraphy for my friends having babies! Where do I sign up for this to be my full-time job? Seriously, I love doing these little names. I'm trying to expand my flowers beyond roses and generic leaves, so in the painting above are anemones, not to be confused with the predatory sea creature of the same name. Most certainly not as adorable.

Turns out Abigail is a popular name right now, I guess. This is a commission for a friend of mine, who liked her gift so much she asked if I would do one for a friend of hers! So I don't actually know this little Abigail, but it was fun painting her name just the same. We have violets all over our lawn so my inspiration was technically weeds, but they are pretty none-the-less.

I mentioned a while ago that I was doing some watercolor practice by taking a course on Creativebug. I've been trying to "free" up my painting for a while, so the course with Yao Cheng is just perfect! I love her style and her work is just beautiful.

I used these tulips as inspiration for my Mother's Day card this year (which I missed posting on because I was hanging out with my mom, sorry, not sorry). It's really new for me to just "free-hand" my work, I'm used to making sketches and drawing my ideas out first, so it's taking some getting used to. Always good to learn though!

I just realized that it's very beautiful outside and I want to enjoy the sunshine! So I'm going to do that! Thanks for reading! xoxo