Sunday, September 4, 2016

Photos with Family: Lauren and Adam got Married!

Remember a while ago when I took engagement photos of my little sister and her fiancee? Well, Lauren and Adam were married the first weekend in August! Hooray! It was a wonderful wedding and so super laid-back. Everyone had a blast and the venue was extra comfortable because they were married at their home on our family property!

Lauren and Adam (and many of our family members and their friends) spent a lot of time over the summer clearing out an old barn foundation on the property and the result was so beautiful. They also built an awesome birch tree arbour that I love love love love! (Reuse when I get married? I hope so!).

Lauren's photographer had to back out a the last minute, so she asked me (!!!!) to take her wedding photos. This was a huge undertaking for me because I've never done event photos like this before and could be called an amature photographer at best! However, you don't say no to family and I was super honored to be asked to document their day. Lauren is also probably the coolest bride ever and was easy-going about the photos that we took. So we chatted a bit about the "must haves" and let the rest be Instagrammed by wedding guests!

Here are some of my favorites throughout the day!

Happily for me, my sister was super excited about the photos and I am pleased with how they turned out. Although there are always the disappointments of things not being "perfect", I realise that I have to let go of the perfectionism I expect from myself. Lauren (and Adam) are happy and that's all that matters! Although I was a little nervous doing such a large event (that you certainly can't redo!), it was a lot of fun and the people I was photographing were really great. They were game for basically anything as we ended up going to several locations to get all the photos Lauren wanted.

I will admit that attending a wedding as a family member and photographing it at the same time was not an easy task. I was taking photos while in a fancy dress and fancy shoes and with fancy hair, and sometimes having to be IN the photos as well. However, we made it work and my lovely and wonderful assistant Aaron did a great job of carrying my camera bag around, helping me out and keeping me hydrated, so everything worked out great.

So, do I have a career in wedding photography? Maybe not in the near future, but it was certainly a crazy-great experience! It feels weird to wish Lauren and Adam a bright future together as they have been together for a million years before getting married, so I'll say this: Congratulations Lauren and Adam, and wishing you both so much love as you carry on this crazy journey! Love you both!

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