Sunday, February 5, 2017

Baby Eli, Pinecones and Needles

This is one of my favorite baby name paintings so far! Mary is a friend and repeat client of mine (that's so fun to say!). She commissioned me to do a name painting for a friend of her's and I ended up doing her friend's whole family! Mary had her second child in early 2016 so a gentle winter theme with pinecones and needles was fitting. I think this is the best pinecone I've ever painted and it was my first time experimenting with a rigger brush (newfound brush love, for sure!).

Pinecones are one of those magical drawings that really just look like a lump until you add some negative painting. They really benefit from getting in there and showing off some darks. I find them challenging to draw, but they are also super popular with the winter-baby crowd. I've done quite a few now as they always seem to pop up when I ask moms (or friend's of moms) what kind of greenery or image they had in mind for the painting. Answer: always pinecones! That's ok, I'm up to the pinecone challenge!

I'm also really into working on my brush lettering. Especially for boys, it's a bit less fussy than the pointed pen calligraphy. In my opinion anyways.

Another baby painting coming soon! The next one is for a girl!

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