Sunday, February 12, 2017

Baby Ella, Delicate Cosmos

Hello, lovely! That's what comes to mind when I started to paint on this baby gift. My friend had her second child in November of last year and I had made a painting for her first a while ago. While I was working on this painting, I was daydreaming about spring. These delicate, gently swaying cosmos came to my mind. And pretty pink petals were just perfect for this little lady.

One of the challenges I wanted to capture with the cosmos was how transparent their petals are and how you can see them layer over one another. I also loved the dancing script of baby Ella's name, a little more playful than I how usually write. Though I am not a "pink" person, I am totally in love with these pretty flowers. I'm considering something a little bigger featuring some cosmos. Spring is coming so we shall see! (Wishful thinking.)

Clearly I have spring on my mind if I'm already dreaming about flower paintings. Time to get back to the drafting table! Thanks for reading!


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