Sunday, July 23, 2017

Good Vibes Only

So, it's been a while, right? My last post was in February, because it's really the last time I painted something for someone else. I decided to give myself some time away from the blog, for a few reasons. One, I have been focused on planning our wedding, which is coming up soon! Only two weeks to go! And two, I didn't want to force myself to produce work for the blog just to have something to post and write a bunch of boring copy no one wants to read. I do have lots of work to share concerning the wedding, which I will do in August!

For now though I want to share a painting I did for my friend Krystal from Snowberry Botanicals. Krystal and I are family and she has a beautiful little shop in Erin where she designs floral works of art for weddings and events. When Aaron and I (finally) chose a wedding date last year, I immediately got in touch with Krystal to ask her to do our flowers for our wedding. I absolutely cannot wait to see what lovely floral wonders she dreams up for us.

Krystal asked if I would paint her something for her new home and she gave me free reign over this piece, asking only for handlettering "good vibes only" and "something floral". I've been kind of into peonies this summer and I thought a riot burst of flowers with gold lettering would look just lovely. I spent an exceptionally long time sketching peonies for this piece and I'm not sorry because peonies are really fun to draw.

The gold lettering was done in gold watercolour paint from Holbein and it's the best I've ever used. It can be transparent, you can layer it to make it more opaque and it SHINES which is awesome. It looks really nice on black paper too. I was just going to letter in black, but why use black when you can use gold, right? Brush lettering is my jam now. I have done some pointed pen stuff, but I just love using a tiny little brush and getting those dreamy fade in/fade out ink marks as you write. Love it. In case anyone is interested, I use a size 000, Heinz Jordan watercolor brush. The brand really doesn't matter though.

So what's up? I've got several more commissions that have been (patiently) waiting for my attention which I will be able to focus on in September. I'll be sharing all my wedding-related artwork in August (and hopefully wedding photos too!). I've also got some back-burner projects on the go, like my first knit sweater. I'm looking forward to getting back into sharing on the blog and maybe sprucing up this joint again. Till then!

Thanks for reading!

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