Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wedding: Part 2 - Decorations

Hi and welcome back! Last week I shared the wedding invitations that I designed for our wedding earlier in August. Today I'm going to share all of the artwork that Aaron and I created for our big day. The photo above is our good friend James, who was also Aaron's best man. It has nothing to do with decorations, but it's just so super cute. That photo and some of the photos in this post were taken by one of our guests, Duy Nguyen, which I am so grateful to for having pictures to share of our decorations in action! Thanks Duy! This post is a little heavy with images, so you've been warned!

I really wanted to make a Welcome Sign for our wedding for no other reason than I thought it would be pretty on an easle. My original idea was to print some of the feathers and text I had created for the invites and frame it in a big frame, but that idea didn't work out, so I decided to break out my acrylics and paint it for real. I haven't painted in acrylics in a very long time, since my college days! But I am happy with the way these turned out. I loved being able to match our invites and have the feather represented there in a different way. Also, our direction signage was pretty cute too.

Aaron and I made some artwork to decorate our venue a little and make it feel more "us". I made some prints from our invite artwork and Aaron did some ink drawings. Our venue put up our paintings all around the room and it was really amazing to see our artwork pull the event together. We got married at a restaurant so the venue is already decorated with it's own decor (one of the reasons why we chose it so we didn't have to fully decorate the space!). Can I just say, Aaron's drawing of us is SO CUTE! It was a fan-favourite at the wedding, everyone came up to tell me how adorable it was. I asked him to do a little sketch of us a few weeks before the wedding and he pulled off that piece. I love it!

It wasn't really necessary, but I wanted to do it, here is some of the day-of signage I made. Our Instagram hashtag, some signage for the dessert and our card/gift table. My brother and brother-in-law helped me create the birch pieces to hold my artwork and tea light candles, which we also used for our centerpieces! (A lot of these birch candle holders went "missing" as the night went on, haha). I used a size 000 watercolour brush and Borden & Riley Paris paper to create all of these. If you are interested in handlettering, pick this paper up! It is beautiful to write on and it scans with no paper texture. It's just lovely all around.

We didn't really have favours for our wedding, since, let's be honest, wedding favours are never really that great anyways. Instead, we gave people the option of eating dessert or taking it home with them in these super cute little bags I made. I designed some stickers with our wedding "logo" and found these totally adorable white bags at the Dollar Store, of all places! I kind of actually love designing stickers. And address labels, because I make up new ones every time I send out mail, haha. I'm happy to say that none of the cookies survived the night and they all ended up going home with people, which was great!

Our memorium signage is probably the most important to me. There were a few very special people that couldn't be at our wedding. I wanted to acknowledge them without making it feel too sad. We avoided a few other "traditional wedding events" like the first dance and the father-daughter dance because these things felt heavy and awkward, and to be truthful, Aaron and I really didn't want everyone staring at us while we turn around in a circle for 3 minutes ... Anyways, I lettered this piece with the names of our loved ones that couldn't be there. We did end up playing a special song for my dad, which is one of my favorites as well - Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll", which I was so happy to see pretty well everyone on the dance floor. Party on!!

Aaron and I decided that we would write our own vows for the ceremony. We wrote them together and we read them to one another as part of the service. Because we were getting married outside and we weren't sure if everyone could hear us (even though we had a mic system set up to help with that!), I decided to letter our vows so people could read them at the restaurant after. And now we have a lovely reminder of what we promised to one another that we can hang in our home. We snuck a few geeky references into our vows that were special to us; see if you can spot them! Other geeky references to note, our officiate finalised our marriage with "and there was much rejoicing!" (a Monty Python reference and common phrase around our family) and I walked down the aisle to an amazing guitar and flute arrangement of "Binary Sunset" from Star Wars. It was my only request of our musician and they did a fantastic job!

It was so awesome to see all these pieces work together the day of the wedding, after months and months of piling up around the studio! I had so much fun designing and painting and handlettering for our event. Next up, some photos from the actual day! Thanks for reading!

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