Sunday, November 18, 2018

Shannon's Harry Potter Baby Shower Invitations

This year has been a huge year for babies in my life. Between my family and friends, seven babies have been born. Seven in one year! We threw a baby shower for my youngest sister, Lauren, earlier in March which I designed the invitations for, so I wanted to do invites for Shannon as well. And because we decided to have a Harry Potter-themed baby shower, this was actually a dream come true for me to design!

I went completely all out for this baby shower. I made a lot of the props and decorations myself and spent a ton of time looking for printable signs and Harry Potter-paraphernalia. The snitch in these photos was made by me and Shannon knit the Gryffindor scarf for herself a few years ago. Most of the other items we bought when we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2016, so we had many props to use for this shower!

As for the invites, I wanted to focus on the "magic" aspect of Harry Potter, rather than dive into the more obvious directions, like the Hogwarts acceptance letter or the Maurauder's Map. I decided on the Hogwarts castle because it seems to capture the most wonder and amazement in the whole series. Much of the novels take place there, it's where Harry learns to be a wizard, and is certainly the most magical place to hold a baby shower. The invites were double-sided with the Hogwarts logo on the back. I hand-lettered all of the text and the kraft envelopes were stamped with a Hogwarts emblem red wax seal.

I will likely never get to throw a party like this again, so I definitely put my all into it. Shannon, who loves Harry Potter as much as I do (maybe even more?!), set me free to do whatever I wanted to with the invites and the decorating of the shower. It was tons of fun to organize and I cherish all of the work that went into making her baby shower as magical as possible.

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